Spoiler Alert

Besides, the fabulous wealth and the obscene piles of money, one of the many great things about being a cartoonist is being able to see things happen in real life, and then think of a more creative and funnier way for something to happen based on real life events.

Like this:

This was based on something that happened last night when my wife and I went to Chipotle.  The dialogue is pretty much what she said to the burrito…uh, barista who took it with a great deal of stride.  Something I couldn’t have done.  She was loud and obnoxious and trying to make a point.  She failed.  It pretty much ruined the meal.  Also, she was the last person on Earth to have not read ‘The Hunger Games’ as she had it tucked under her arm.  I was tempted to ruin the ending for her (SPOILER ALERT: THE MAIN CHARACTER SURVIVES) as she had ruined the dining experience but I didn’t.  I kinda wish I did though.  They totally would’ve given me free tacos.  Totally.


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