Two Become One

When I went back and redrew the current book in a smaller, more time efficient page size, I noticed that the pages were usually about 4 panels, tops.  Most pages were divided in half, with most pages having one panel that took up half the page.  No wonder progress on the book was moving quickly.

Of course, many of the pages looked boring….and worse, they looked lazy.  Two reasons I started the book over.  Again.

So the goal of redrawing the book was to make the pages and panels more interesting.  And for the most part, it’s going okay.  Slower, but that’s okay.  When I am redrawing these pages, I pretty much use the same format and page layout as I did originally.  But like I said, many of the pages were pretty skimpy on panels.

For example, check out these two pages.  Obviously this is before I would touch them up in Photoshop and letter them, but you get the idea.

So yeah.  Kinda boring.  When I went to redraw these pages, I realized all of the…uh, “action” could be combined into one page.  Two becomes one.  And here it is:

So yeah.  A much more interesting layout.  Not as phoned-in as this scene looked originally.

But since I am the King of Redrawing, I redrew this page once more:

I still have to do the lettering, but lettering is boring so I skipped that part for now.

Work on this book is sloooooooow.  And it seems to be getting slower.  But slow is good.  The book will be finished eventually and it will all be worth it.  I am tying to rediscover the joy in drawing this book…and I’m getting there…one panel at a time.


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