Here, There and Everywhere

It’s Father’s Day.

And I haven’t seen my dad in a while.  I have lived more of my life without him than with him.

It is better this way.

So Father’s Day for most of my life was just another Sunday.  The day before Father’s Day was just a day where sons and daughters crowded the greeting cards section at Target.  It was like this for a while until I had kids.

Listen:  No one knows how to be a dad.  Not at first.  Kids teach you how to be a dad.

At the end of the day you just hope you did the right thing, said the right thing.  I make mistakes on Monday, and try to avoid them on Tuesdays.

I first became a parent when I moved in my girlfriend Amy, who later became my wife.  At the time, Amy’s son Ryan was 8 years old and just turned 13.  Ryan has a very good dad who is very involved in his life.  Ryan thinks the world of his dad.  It should be this way.

Not long after we moved in together, Amy got pregnant and in December 2007 Sophia Lorraine Lipski was born.

Life got real that day.

I am not going to go on and on about what a magical day that was and how being a parent is the best thing in the world.  You might know that.  You probably also know that kids are funny.  Sometimes unintentionally.  Kids also put things into a perspective that I can never grasp.

I’ve done a few comic strips on this blog that portray something funny and poignant that Sophie would say or so.  In observance of this day, I thought I’d do another one.  This one took place on a Saturday when Sophie and I went to lunch, the Y, the park…uh…probably the toy store, the bookstore…and finally the library.  When we got to the library I sat and watched Sophie play with another little girl in the kids section.  I love just watching and listening to her when she doesn’t think I can hear her.  This comic is a little bittersweet, but a cute perspective of how Sophie sees me.


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