When Numbers Get Serious

Last week I posted some art from a two page comic I had in progress.  I ended up restarting the second page of the comic a couple times and finally finished it the other night.  I am not sure I like it, but here it is:

I seem to be in a slump lately.  These days I am getting frustrated a little more easily and my output isn’t what I want it to be.  I also feel I haven’t done a quality page for a while.  Of course, I’ve been spending most of the year drawing…and redrawing…and redrawing “A Long Forgotten Fairytale” and it’s been pretty draining.  Drawing something for the second or third time gets a little boring, and it hasn’t been very creatively engaging for a while.  I want to take a break from the book, but I am already behind as it is.  I am about 56 pages into the book, and once I hit around 90 pages, I will be where I was before I started the book over for the second time.  I expect to be “caught up” by the end of July.

Lately I feel like I’ve been in a tailspin.  I’m working hard to get back on pace, but I am working quicker than I should and the artwork isn’t what it needs to be, so that causes me to have to redraw the pages or a panel which just adds to it.  I’ve been flipping through “Big City Secrets” lately and I don’t think anything in the current book is as good as BCS which frustrates me as I should be getting better, not worse.

So yeah.  Sorry to be a downer but I need to clear my head and recharge.  Hopefully this week’s pages will be better.


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  1. Remember the view from the mountain top. Hopefully that will carry you through the valley to the next peak!

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