I was drawing last night and I thought I’d take a break from redoing the artwork from ‘A Long Forgotten Fairytale’ and draw a two page comic for the blog.

It struck me how drawing and driving are very similar.

I got to thinking this as I started drawing a page and after a few panels I realized it was crap.  But I kept drawing.  I drew another panel, I tried to add embellishments to it to make it more interesting but it was crap and I knew it.  Why I kept drawing it was beyond me.  I suppose part of me thought I could pull it together.
Frustrated, I put it aside and worked on something else.

I started to think that in a way, drawing the page was like driving someplace and you’re almost positive that you’re lost…but you keep driving anyway.  You know you’re going the wrong way, but there’s a part of your brain that wants to keep going…just in case you find your way.

Doodling I guess is the same thing as hopping in your car and driving aimlessly around with no goal or destination in mind, but sometimes you might be surprised by what you accidentally find or create.

Anyway, here’s the first attempt:

It’s a two page conversation between Uptown Girl, Ruby and Sulky Girl.  As you can see, the third panel is when I realized I had passed my exit and was shooting down the highway in the wrong direction.  The crosshatching in the third panel was, I think, was my last attempt to make this work.  There’s a lot of things wrong in this version.  The perspective is boring, the background is too dark and boring.  The second panel was supposed to have a door frame but it didn’t look right so I fulled it in with ink which makes Sulky Girl’s hairline get lost….The first panel looks good, though.  There was supposed to be a couple more panels at the bottom of the page where I simply roughed in the artwork and dialogue.

There’s a certain freedom that comes with accepting that the page has to be redrawn (after two complete redraws of the current book, believe me, I know this feeling).  I redrew the page today but I wanted to show the differences between the first three panels of both attempts.

Here’s the second attempt:

I avoided needless crosshatching and texturing and pulled back the “action” a bit.  I think this works a lot better.

I’ll post the final comic next week, I think.


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