Little Piggies

My Kickstarter project is over in just a little more than a week.  The goal of the project is to raise some funds in an effort to find a publisher for my kid’s book “This Little Piggy”.  You can read more about the book itself here.

The book had a few drafts but I think the final draft is really good.  The first draft was waaay too cute.  When I looked at the artwork for it I wanted to make it a lot sillier and weirder.
Here’s the first version of a little piggy going to market:

…and the second.

The second version isn’t sillier, but there’s more life to it.

As I mentioned, the idea of the book is to explore what the other five little piggies/toes are doing.  When trying to determine what they were up to, I really played it safe.  For example, this little piggy was flying a kite:

Ugh.  Way too cute.  So it got dumped in favor of this little piggy joining the circus:

The book slowly grabbed onto the weirder, sillier stuff and it gave the book a lot more life.

So yeah.  there you have it.  Please consider donating to the project.  The printing costs are a little more than I anticipated and a donation of $20 or more gets an original drawing of these little piggies.


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