Step Right Up

‘Little Adventures’ was mostly done while I took small breaks from the first book, ‘Big City Secrets’.  As I am in the process of restarting ‘Long Forgotten Fairytale’ for the second time, I expect to take a few breaks as well, and those stories will wind up in a later volume.

This past week I was feeling a little bored and frustrated.  It’s very boring to draw the same page for the third time, and I was frustrated from the paper I was working with.  Normally I draw on 9×12 Strathmore Bristol Board, Series 300 with a Smooth finish.  The art store was out of the Smooth finish and only had the Vellum finish.  It’s been a while since I’ve drawn on the Vellum surface and I’d forgotten how different the finishes were.  For one thing, there is a certain…”tooth” the vellum surface has.  It can create a little more resistance to the pencil and pen so sometimes there is a variation in the drawing and inking.

So I decided to take a small break and drew a short three page story.  It’s called ‘Step Right Up’ and will end up in a later volume, probably 2015 at the earliest.  Enjoy.


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