On To The Next One

So, Uptown Girl-Little Adventures is finally DONE.  And I mean DONE.  The printed copies are in a big box waiting for SpringCon until they go on sale.

I posted the cover not long ago and man, this is a great looking cover, thanks to Ben Mudek.  It got me excited about the cover for the next book.  Originally I had one idea for it, but ended up changing my mind not long ago.  And the more I thought about the new cover, the more excited I got about it.  I couldn’t wait to draw it so last night I scribbled out a quick sketch and played with it (badly) in Photoshop.  I can’t wait to draw it for reals and see what Ben can do with it.

So yeah.  I can’t wait.  Sorry for the short post, I’ve been working really hard on redoing dozens of pages for the book after this one.

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