More Adventurous

Well, here is it, the cover to “Uptown Girl-Little Adventures”.

I will let you bask in it’s beauty.

Amazing, right?  I can’t stop looking at it.  This was expertly done by my friend Ben Mudek.  I’ve known Ben for about 8 years and he’s done a few covers for the monthly comic series and a few of the trades.  Of course he did the cover to “Big City Secrets” as well.  Incredible work.

This cover is a homage to the “Choose Your Own Adventure” Books that I loved as a kid.  What?  You guessed that?  Oh.

Anyway, what makes this cover so amazing is looking back the original drawing I sent Ben and seeing how much awesomer he made it.  I sketched out the cover a few months ago and here it is:

I thought I nailed it pretty good.  I love this cover a lot because as exciting as the cover it is, the book contains stories about a bathing suit and recycling.  Far from the more adventurous scene on the front.  Anyway, here’s the final version I sent to Ben:

And to give him an idea as to what I was thinking, I sent this as well:

Ben wisely ignored my suggestions and created the amazing cover that you see up there.

And here’s the back cover:

Whoa.  This is obviously a parody of the old Hostess ads that used to be in comic books.  Brian Bastian wrote this little story and it turned out great.  I told him to do whatever he wanted and he did a solid job.  Ben did a knockout job coloring it and capturing the appearance of an old comic page.  Terrific.

Like anything Brian and I work on, I printed the script and kinda panel-ed it out to see how it would look.  Usually I draw these breakdowns on the script page itself, along with a rough sketch of any new characters that are there.

Sometimes the script gets tweaked a bit as you can see in the last line compared to what is in the final panel.  Sometimes a change happens because I wasn’t paying attention to a small detail in the script.  I think that was the reason for the change in this comic.  I had the villain hauled away on a stretcher instead of in handcuffs which kinda changed the flow of it.

I love the Pizza Pirate.  He might be added to the Walrus’ rogue gallery if the Walrus ever returns…but I don’t think that will be for a while.

After I sketched this out, I drew the final version.

And finally, the whole cover:

Amazing work as always Ben.
Now, let’s get to work on next year’s book…

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