A Lack of Character

When Uptown Girl was a monthly mini-comic, I introduced new characters all the time.  Sometimes it was a one-off character, sometimes it was a new member of the supporting cast, or the monthly bad guy.  it was a lot of fun populating her world with characters, many of these characters took on a life on their own.

An good example is Ana Ng, who appeared in issue 49.  She was an insecure photographer who joined the newspaper Uptown Girl worked at.  But over the series she became kinda snotty and opinionated and kind of self-centered.  She’s fun to write but I never thought she’d return.

Creating new bad guys was also a lot of fun.

But when the series wrapped up and I moved to doing once a year original graphic novels, the creation of new characters slowed down a bit.  Although the grind of a monthly comic was tough, it was fun to be able to create new characters as often as I wanted.

The first graphic novel, “Big City Secrets”, didn’t have a lot of new characters.  The next book, “Little Adventures” doesn’t have anyone new, either.  I am itching to create some new villains, but it’ll be a while until there’s a new threat to Uptown Girl and her friends.  I’ve been kind of reinventing some of the older bad guys.  Mr. Roboto, for example, and the book I am working on now features the King of Birds.  Down the line I will bring back Magic Man.  Although he wasn’t a bad guy when he appeared (he was just a jerk), I plan on recreating him as a pretty evil guy.  I might redo Mack the Knife down the line as well.

Uh, any other villains you guys want me to revisit?

But lately I’ve been itching to create a new villain for Uptown Girl.  I have a story planned for a future volume, possibly the one that will bring back Mack the Knife, featuring a clan of ninjas.  I decided the clan will need a new leader, so I drew their clan leader (chunin) who is named Femme Fatale (I’ll call her Fatale).

I think her design is pretty nifty.  I can’t wait to use her, but it’ll be a while before she pops up.  It was fun to draw her, and the story she’ll be in will be a lot of to draw, but it’s a few years off.


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