Mix Tape

Before we had iPods and CD players in our cars, I made mix tapes.  I would spend hours putting together the perfect mix tape.  Planning the perfect songs, timing the songs so the song doesn’t cut off at the end of side A, making sure the songs were in a good sequence…it was something I took very seriously.

Then I got an iPod and those days were over.

I haven’t made a mix tape in ten years and I kind of miss them.  I know I can make a good playlist through iTunes…but it’s not the same.  I still have an enormous box of mix tapes that I have no idea what to do with.  Throwing them away doesn’t feel right.

Putting together the upcoming book feels like making a mix tape.

I am pretty close to sending Uptown Girl-Little Adventures to the printers.  Just waiting on the covers and the proofreading to be done and we should be set.  Since LA is a collection of short stories ranging from 1 page to over 50, I had to put together the book in a certain order.  I didn’t want to put it together in chronological order from when I finished the story, so I put it in an order that had a good flow to it.

For example, there are two long stories in the book, and I knew for sure I didn’t want them to be close to each other in the book.  So I put one early on in the book, the other near the end.  I had about a dozen one page stories that I put in throughout the book, usually after a story that was greater than four pages.  I also wanted to make sure there wasn’t a long run or Rocketman heavy stories for example.  If I had a Rocketman heavy comic that went on for several pages, I would follow it up with a shorter comic where he wasn’t in it, or played a large role.

I realize that I put more thought into this than I probably needed, but there you go.  Hopefully this rambling post will make more sense when LA comes out in May.

In other news, two Uptown Girl stories are appearing in anthologies.

‘My Silent Fear’ appears in ‘Fear’, an anthology published by Chainsaw Comics.  You can get a copy here:


“The Fall of the World’s Own Optimist” is eventually going to appear in ‘Cifiscape volume 2’.  Watch this site for all the late breaking news:



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