Workingman’s Blues


That’s kind of the theme for me this year.  I don’t really make new years resolutions, but I like to look ahead for the year and think about what I want to accomplish…and…uh…yeah.  That’s not like a resolution at all.

Anyway, I decided that I want to WORK this year.  I mean, I am always working, always drawing, always doing…stuff.  But I guess I want to work smarter and be more productive this year.  I want to tackle some of the projects that I’ve half finished, like the children’s book I need to print and send to publishers, continue working on the Retros and crank up the artwork in ‘Long Forgotten Fairy Tale’ and make it the best book I can.

The above picture gives an idea of what my desk looks like these days.

Speaking of ‘Long Forgotten Fairytale’, I think it might not come out until 2014.  There still will be a couple books before then (Little Adventures in May 2012, and Greatest Hits in 2013) but I am about 55 pages into LFFT and the first act is only about halfway there.  I also think this book will be closer to 300 pages, whereas ‘Big City Secrets’ was about 260 pages, and ‘LA’ is about 202 pages.  I don’t want to rush this book.  Writing this book is a challenge.  The book takes place in…well, somewhere else, but I needed a reason Uptown Girl and her friends to be where the book takes place.  So the set up is almost a book in it’s own right, and there’s a lot of stuff I can add to the set up because I keep thinking of scenes to add or funny stuff to throw in.  But at a certain point I just need to move ahead.  LFFT is also two different stories being told in two different styles and voices so I keep shifting back and forth between them.

So…yeah.  Kind of a boring post, but rest assured I am working, I am working more and smarter than I did a month ago, so bear with me since thse postings might be a little light on content for a while.  When I was working on ‘Little Adventures’ I could post a new comic quite often, as the book was one page gags or short stories.  Now that LFFT is getting into the real meat of the story, I am not going to be posting as much from it.


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  1. Anna

    Go, Bob, go! It will all be worth it.

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