Don’t Look Back

In case you’ve haven’t checked your Facebook account lately, it’s a brand new year.  It’s 2012, the year everything ends.  Personally, I thought the world was going to end in 2005 but thanks to the Matrix, disaster was averted.

I am not one for looking back, but 2011 was a good year.  I was very happy for ‘Big City Secrets’ to finally come out which is the Uptown Girl story I’ve been envisioning for almost ten years.  I am excited for this new year, when ‘Little Adventures’ will come out.  I will also be spending most of the year on ‘Long Forgotten Fairytale’, on which I’ve just finished the 50th page of.

I’ll be taking an unexpected break on the book as I work on a freelance project and finish the final steps of ‘Little Adventures’, such as proof reading it and drawing the back cover.  I hope to resume ‘LFF’ in mid-January.

I thought it’d be fun to show the inside title page of ‘Little Adventures’.  Please remember this is not the cover, but the title page inside the book.

So…uh…yeah.  It’s not representative of anything that happens in the book.  And if you think this is pretty weird, well, the actual cover is even more out there.

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