Christmastime is Here

So, like Halloween, I wanted to put up a new comic strip on Christmas as a gift to Uptown Girl’s fans.  On Halloween, I did a sort of funny topical strip about costumes so I figured it’d be pretty easy to come up with a pretty short comic strip.

And I did.  It was…okay, not great.  The other night I scribbled out two ideas.  I penciled both out but I didn’t ink the Christmas one.  When it came time to ink it, I preferred the non-Christmas one over the holiday one.

So, here it is:

So…uh, yeah.  If you really wanted to know what the actual Christmas strip was, it went like this:

Rocketman: Here, I bought you a hip hop CD for Christmas.

Uptown Girl: Oh, thanks.

Rocketman: I forgot to wRAP it.

….so, yeah.

Merry Christmas.

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