The First Four Years

Yesterday my daughter, Sophie, turned 4.

Four years!  Seems like only yesterday Amy told me she was pregnant and I drank a couple many glasses of wine.

Being a parent is a challenge and it is a lot of fun.  Being a geek dad is also a fun experience.  It’s kinda cool to hear Sophie yell for me to come watch a commercial for the new Optimus Prime toy.  She knows most of the major superheroes and video game characters.  She knows who Uptown Girl is.  Good thing too, since she’ll take over the series when I die.  I get a kick out of  jumping on the couch “like Mario, daddy!” much to my wife’s chagrin.

Having many…things that Sophie knows I like helps her get to know me more.  I’m not just the guy who goes to work and tells her to finish her toast, I’m the guy who will watch ‘Spongebob’ with her.  Liking things, geeky or not, helps Sophie have an idea as to who I am and what I like.  She loves surprising me by bringing me a Batman comic from my shelf, it helps her in the context of learning what my favorite things are, what I love and what I like to do.

It’s tempting to post endless stories about her, add a million Facebook statuses about her because she’s very funny and I am constantly amazed at what she does and says.  But I also know easy how that can turn into overkill so I try to limit Sophie stuff unless it’s just awesome or ties into something that I would normally talk about on this blog, namely comics and drawing.

This week’s post is a little of both.  It shows a conversation she and I had a couple weeks ago.  It’s also a chance to play around with a different style.

Enjoy.  And Happy Birthday, Sophie.

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