Puppet Master

My three year old daughter, Sophie, draws.  She draws a lot and I am always excited to see what she creates since she sees the world in her own way and then recreates it on paper.  It’s fun to see her draw the cat and get the proportions all wrong, but remember to draw the exact number of toes the cat has.  And I am sure she sees the drawing and it looks EXACTLY like the cat.

Last week she made a puppet.  It’s not really a puppet, it’s a popsicle stick with googly eyes glued to it, but she tells me it’s a puppet.

And here it is:

Okay, so she’s not Jim Henson, and maybe it’s because she’s my daughter, but I think this is pretty darn good.  She told me it’s a monster puppet and was very proud of it.

I put the puppet on my desk and I look it at it quite a lot and wonder what she thinks it looks like.  I see a popsicle stick with googly eyes and some black squiggly lines for hair, but she seems a monster.

So I drew what I think she sees:


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December 11, 2011 · 7:46 am

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