Cruel to the Sensitive Kind

So I wrote a comic strip.  And then I thought about it for a long time if it fit within Uptown Girl’s world.  See, Uptown Girl’s world has some pretty structured boundaries.  Aliens?  No.  Ghosts?  Yes.  Time Travel?  Maybe.  Talking Animals?  No.

But in the end I decided it was a funny enough strip to draw.  And here it is:

In my head, this was a Rocketman strip with him talking to his shaving cream and not wanting to shave his goatee off.  I figured this would work well within Rocketman’s skewed world, as he has spoke to other non-human things in the past, particularly Boris the Spider, the arachnid that lives in his apartment.  I said talking animals were a ‘no’, not talking bugs.

But I decided that this would be funnier as a Ruby strip.  I figured if a bottle of shaving cream spoke to Rocketman, he’d try to show everyone.  Uptown Girl would chalk it up to working too much before she started therapy.  Ruby would just take it in stride.

Once you open the door to talking inanimate objects, it’s tough to put it away.  Which is why I have never really broken down the fourth wall.  But something like this will be easy to resist the constant joke.  Some of my favorite ‘Peanuts’ strips involved the Kite Eating Tree, who often had a cheshire grin to him.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this strip.  I think it’s the last page I am going to add to ‘Little Adventures’ which is now 200 pages.  ‘Little Adventures’ will be out in spring 2012.



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6 responses to “Cruel to the Sensitive Kind

  1. That IS a funny strip! Congratulations! And thanks for the commentary track!

  2. Anna

    This is great. We all talk to inanimate objects from time, like plants. I loved the Kite-Eating Tree too. When our copy machine at works gets paper jams, it reminds me of the Kite-Eating Tree, except it eats paper. I don’t think anyone knows what the hell I am talking about, but I don’t care.

  3. I named the printer at work “Bob Marley” because it’s always jamming.

  4. steve wright

    Rules be damned Bob, I liked it

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