Let’s Do Something Different

So I’ve been feeling a little frustrated with the third Uptown Girl original graphic novel so I thought I’d take a little break from it and work on something different for the week.  I don’t want to talk too much about this other project but after the Uptown Girl animated series fell apart I’ve been itching to work on a new idea for a cartoon.

I understand that there is less than a .0001% chance that anything will happen with this new project but I have to try.  To be honest, I’d be more amazed if I actually finished this project.

Without going too much into it, I am working on a pitch bible for an animated series.  A pitch bible is a book that shows the characters of a cartoon, episode ideas, etc.  I am working with Brian Bastian on this project but so far we haven’t made much progress.  Well, all of that changed this week.

The cartoon is called “The Retros”, an animated series about a superhero team.  The characters were created a few years ago and have gone through a few design changes and personality changes but I think I finally settled on the final versions.  This week I did the profile pages for the members of the team.  I took pictures of the pages to post here as opposed to scans because I’m not ready to show them off quite yet, but I hope you enjoy them!



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2 responses to “Let’s Do Something Different

  1. Jon

    Great to see FlyGirl back! I always thought you guys should have done another issue of that. If you get this up off the ground, do I get to do one of the character voices? 🙂

    • i don’t think we’ll do a pilot like we did for Uptown Girl. the plan for this is to put together a nice proposal and submit it to Frederator (who makes a lot of cartoons for Nickelodeon) and see if they bite.

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