This Is Halloween

So, tomorrow is Halloween.

Instead of popcorn balls and those weird, wax-like candy that comes in those orange and black wrappers, I am giving out a comic.

And here is:

Looking to avoid me for a while?  Then you’ll want to stir clear of MIX this weekend.  MIX is the Minneapolis Indie Xpo, the two day comic convention for indie comics and indie cartoonists.  I was there last year and I had a lot of fun.  I’ll have a few copies of ‘Big City Secrets’ (it’s time for a third printing) and I’ll be selling ‘Uptown Girl’ trade paperbacks for only $5.  Everything must go!

You’ll also have to avoid me on the internet as I did a short interview with Minnesota Reads.  You can read it here.

I recently did an interview along with Brian Bastian for Danno‘s new Lutefisk Sushi Podcast.  You can listen to it and download it here.  We talk about some incredibly interesting things like crappy action figures, Batman and I reveal the title of the third original graphic novel.

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