Just One More Game

Sometimes drawing is like playing a video game.

When playing a video game sometimes you’re telling yourself “one more try, I’m going to try this level one more time…just one more try” and then you realize you’ve been trying to beat the same level for two hours.

But it’s not your fault!  That stupid turtle demon kidnapped the princess and SHE’S ALWAYS IN ANOTHER CASTLE!  You can’t quit!


I was thinking about this very thing earlier today when I was looking at page 8 of the book I’m working on.  Except instead of trying to master a level, you’re trying to master a page.

This is what page 8 looked like originally:

But since I started over and needed to redraw the page in a smaller size, I had to do this page again.  But I was kinda glad I got to redraw it, there was something about it that made me want to try again.  Ruby’s legs look way too wonky in the top panel.  And here is the second attempt:

BLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAGH.  The top panel is waaaay too boring.  The second insert panel looks cluttered with where it’s placed, and the font is too big.

So, time to restart the level.  And this is most recent and hopefully final version.

I realized that drawing a grocery store is tricky.  You need to make sure the background are fitting for the setting, so the props need to work.  The first attempt succeeded with all the fruit and produce, but I tried something different in the second try and added shelves and it just didn’t work.  It looks like I was tired.  And I probably was.

So when I went back to this page, I changed the setting from a grocery store to a convenience store.  I thought it might be more fun and more appropriate to the story, as Uptown Girl and Ruby just ran out to get a bag of chips and would be more likely to run to the corner store instead of a big grocery store.  Maybe I was overthinking it, but I like this page the best, so there you are.

Yesterday was Fallcon and I had a very nice time.  I’d like to thank everyone who came by and bought a book or three.  Also big thanks to Ryan Dow for being an awesome table mate and for being Ryan Dow.

I also did this nifty little drawing:


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