Always Running Out Of Time

About a year ago, a book about the future of the Twin Cities came out called ‘Cifiscape‘.  It was an anthology  written by authors in Minnesota about what they thought the future of our fair cities would be.  I had a short Uptown Girl comic in it called “Ill Communication”, which will also be in the upcoming collection “Perfect World”, out in spring 2012.

Anyway, there’s a second volume coming out with a theme of optimism.  A lot of stories set in the future seem to go in extremes, either some utopian paradise or a wasteland.  Many stories in the first volume were like this.  I don’t know what the future will be like, but I think Futurama gets it correct where it’s not really paradise and it’s not really a doomed planet.  Rather it’s very similar to the problems that we have now, they just have grown.  People adapt and go about their lives but nothing really got fixed.

I was asked to contribute a story to the upcoming sequel.  I kicked around a few ideas for a while, and finally decided on one last week.  Here’s the first page:

So.  That’s that.  Speaking of “Perfect World”, the second Uptown Girl graphic novel, I’m going back and adding some stories to it to bulk it up a little, so that means I am taking an earlier than expected break from the third graphic novel.  I am only 19 pages into that and it’s going very slowly.  I really hope I get in done by the end of next year so it can come out in the spring of 2013, along with Uptown Girl-Greatest Hits to mark ten years of her comic.

I’ve got too much to do and I am working two other projects and I just keep running out of time each day.  But somehow everything will get done.




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