Gonna Be Some Changes Made

So, ‘Star Wars’ was finally released on Blu Ray this past week, and fans everywhere are excited.  Oh wait, no they’re not.

Fans are upset that George Lucas made a few changes to the beloved trilogy and to the tolerated prequels.  Some of the changes are simple things, like Ewoks blinking or something, and some are rather significant, like Darth Vader getting some new dialogue.

I don’t have much of an opinion about these changes.  I guess if he wants to make changes to the movies, who are we to say he can’t?  And if I don’t like these changes, I can choose not to purchase them and be content with the previous releases of the movies.

I do think the fury and the rage at these changes give fanboys a bad name.  Or worse than we already have.

In the introduction to the first Uptown Girl trade, I wrote that I understood Lucas’ desire to tweak these films.  I have the same temptation with the older Uptown Girl stories.  I am in the slow process of culling stories for ‘Uptown Girl-Greatest Hits’, a collection scheduled for 2013 that will collect the best stories of the trades.  Flipping through the books that temptation to redraw and touch up the art is crawling back to me.

If I had the time, redrawing these older stories would be more of a possibility, but as I don’t have the time, the stories will be reprinted in their current state, love it or hate it.  I reread issue 1 for the first time in almost ten years and I thought about what I would change if I did have the time.  In thinking about changes to ‘Star Wars’ I thought I’d touch on the two different types of changes Lucas is so fond of.

The first type of changes are the changes don’t really matter much.  Adding more Tie Fighters or whatever into the background doesn’t affect the story, but other changes, like Greedo shooting Han Solo are a little different as that changes the character as opposes to what’s in the background.

For example, below is a page from Uptown Girl issue 1.

Nothing too epic, the gang getting ready to go on a picnic.  This was the first moment the gang was together in the comic and how they reacted to each other would affect the entire series to this day.

Now, if i edited this scene, I could demonstrate the two types of changes Lucas is known for making.  I decided to change what Uptown Girl’s friends bring to the picnic.

The first type of change is insignificant change.  Originally Ruby brings a watermelon.  A couple moments in Photoshop and ta-da, she now brings pineapples, as you’ll see below in the edited version.  Big deal.  She’s still there, still bringing fruit, but the type of fruit is different.

Rocketman is demonstrating a character change.  He’s still there, he still brought something, but what he brings changes the reader’s percetion of him.  Originally he brought Mountain Dew, giving readers the impression that Rocketman was some slacker dude who played video games and drank sugary soda.  But what could be bring now that would alter our perception of him?  Let’s look, shall we?

Now, if this was the first time anyone say Rocketman, they’d wonder why on earth this dude was bringing a cursed skull to a picnic.  What was wrong with him?  Why is the skull cursed?  Where did he get it?  Why is Ruby unfazed by this disturbing contribution to the picnic?  Rocketman bringing a cursed skull is very different than bringing soda thus altering him forever.

Anyway, I guess the point of this is we should really be used to Lucas making changes to his movies.  Why are so surprised about this?  Why are we outraged?  Why do we care?  Is Superman still the same now that he doesn’t have red underwear anymore?  Settle down.  It’ll be okay.


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