Think Too Much

So I drew a page last night.  Because that’s what I do.

And here it is:

And then I went to bed.  I thought about this page all day and…well, there’s nothing wrong with it.  Not really.  The page is…fine.  But that’s the problem, the page is fine.  And that bugs me.  I’ve done pages that are considerably worse than this, and I’ve done pages that are considerably better than this.  This falls in the middle.  If I hadn’t thought too much about this page I would have moved on and drawn the page after this.  But the problem is I think too much.

It was really bothering me that I knew I could do a page better than this, and I thought this page was…well, fine.  “Fine” may as well mean good enough and I don’t want to do good enough.  I want to do each page as good as I possibly can.  That’s the whole reason I went from a monthly comic to the original graphic novel format.

So I came home tonight after running around all day I redid it.  It gave me a chance to rework the story a bit.  The story was always going to be built around a conversation between Uptown Girl and Sulky Girl, but when I redid the page Rhonda got the boot and Sulky girl showed up earlier than I planned.

So, here’s the new page.

I wanted this story to start off with Uptown Girl (in a change of clothes!) walking confidently down the street on a beautiful morning.  In the original page I had people staring at her because of her new dress and cheerful smile.  That’s what I was going for when I wrote the story.  But when I redid the page I pulled the camera back a bit and showed the street with people going to work.  The “Uptown Girl is wearing a new dress and is happy” shot is toned down a bit but that’s okay.  I think Uptown Girl would self conscious is people were staring at her as she went to work.

So that’s that.  I’m happy with this page.  This was actually the third attempt at this page.  I wish I could remember to slow down the first time I try drawing a page.



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