A Different Universe

I start thinking “oh my God, what am I going to blog about on Sunday?” on Monday morning.  It’s on my mind throughout the week but usually by Thursday something pops into my head.  If Saturday rolls around and I am without an idea I usually spend the evening racking my brain and trying to come up with at least a one page comic to post.

But man, last night I had nothing.  Exhausted from the day, my brain wasn’t in the mood to be creative.  So I started to flip through some books and decided to write a comic around something that stuck out visually.  I flipped through a Peanuts book and saw a house of cards.  Perfect.  I wrote a lame 6 panel comic, inked two panels and called it a night.

And then I had a dream.  But more on that in a moment.

I am in the process of shopping “Big City Secrets” to publishers but I’m not having much luck.  But I am just getting started.  I submitted the book to Top Shelf who publish some of my favorite graphic novels.  They sent a very kind rejection email and I wasn’t surprised.  I would have been thrilled if they picked it up, but to be honest I don’t think Top Shelf is the right publisher anyway.  Currently the book is in the hands of another publisher and I check my email and mailbox as often as I can as I wait for their rejection too.  I might sound bitter but I’m not.  I’ve been doing this for a while so it doesn’t get to me.

I woke up this morning remembering a dream where Marvel Comics said they’d publish the book.  I was excited and confused since I had never even sent it to them.  They had a plan for Uptown Girl to be in her own little world for a while and then integrate her into the Marvel Universe.  Okay, whatever, let’s go!

I forgot about the dream and then while on a bike ride this morning I started to think about how Uptown Girl doesn’t really belong anywhere but in her own little world and how hard it would be to move her into a different universe.  But if I did introduce her into the Marvel Universe, how would that work?
I had my idea for this week’s post.  I thought it be fun to do a homage of a comic cover from the 1960’s, when the Marvel Universe was just getting started.  With hundreds of covers to choose from, I was excited to get started.  I knew I wanted to do a Jack Kirby cover because, well, he was the king and today is also his birthday.

I settled on Tales of Suspense #39 when Iron Man made his first appearance.

Here’s the original:

I laid out my version pretty quickly, here’s the line art.

After playing around in Photoshop, I was finally finished:

So, there you have it.  It was a lot of fun to do.  I’m getting a little better with this computer stuff.  Maybe by the time Photoshop 27 comes out I’ll figure out layers.




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