Desert Island

Lately I’ve been thinking I have too much stuff.  Too many books, too many cd’s, too many comics, too much of everything.  So I’ve been looking into what to sell, what to give away, and what to keep.  I go through this every few months, but about once a year I act on this.

Last week I re-read Alex Robinson‘s awesome book “Box Office Poison”.  After a few pages, I remembered that this was one of my “desert island” books.  You know, if I was stranded on a desert island and I could only bring ten books, what books would I take?  I then had the brilliant, scary idea of only keeping those ten books.  The idea was frightening and liberating at the same time.  Then I started to spread that to everything else.  What ten comics would I keep?  Graphic novels?  Prose books?  Video games?  Cds?

As I read, I realized, for me anyway, that idea was too complex and I wasn’t brave enough to do it.  I also realized how you could get around the idea of ten of one thing.  Take cds for example.  On my iPod I have almost 9000 songs, probably close to 1000 albums.  I wouldn’t need ten cds, I wouldn’t even need one as long as I had my iPod.  When it came to video games, would I limit it to only ten games period?  Or ten games for each system that I have?  I am also attached to series.  Would I keep only one Usagi Yojimbo graphic novel, or all 20+ volumes?  And what about things like Kindles, that can also hold many books electronically and not needing to have a physical book?

The whole idea bounced around my head for about a week until I decided to stop thinking about it.  The whole idea was to simplify, but here I was, stressing about how I could make that concept work.  It doesn’t work for me.  I’m sure it would for someone braver than myself, but I’m too scared to enact on it.

To finally put this whole thing to rest, I drew a comic about this idea.  Here it is:

Anyway, this comic doesn’t really work.  The joke at the end is more of a Rocketman line, but the conversation is more of an Uptown Girl/Ruby discussion.  I tried to fit Rocketman in the comic but it didn’t really work.  But I inked it anyway, and there it was.

In case you wanted to know, if I did have the guts to do this whole desert island thing, I’d do something like this.  In no particular order…

Graphic Novels

1. Box Office Poison by Alex Robinson

2. Spiral-Bound by Aaron Reiner

3. Far Arden by Kevin Cannon

4. New Frontier (Absolute Edition) by Darwyn Cooke

5. All Star Superman (Absolute Edition) by Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly

6. Bone by Jeff Smith

7. Scott Pilgrim (all of them, I’m sure the Complete Scott Pilgrim is on it’s way) by Bryan Lee O’Malley

8. American Elf Volume 1 by James Kochalka

9. Fantastic Four Omnibus by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

10. Amazing Spider-Man Omnibus by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and John Romita

Video Games

1. Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Old Door

2. The Legend of Zelda-Wind Waker

3. Final Fantasy 6

4. Animal Crossing Wild World (not the best game in the world, but enough variety that changes each day)

5. Super Smash Bros Melee

6. Super Mario All Stars (this is kind of a cheat, as it contains the first 3 Super Mario Bros)

7. The Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition (again, kind of a cheat as it has the first 2 Legend of Zelda games, Ocarina of Time, and Majora’s Mask)

8. Earthbound

9. Little Big Planet

10. Maniac Mansion


1. Paul Simon-Surprise

2. Sting-The Soul Cages

3. U2-Achtung Baby

4. Tom Wait-Alice

5. Magnetic Fields-69 Love Songs

6. R.E.M.-Automatic for the People

7. Ryan Adams-Gold

8. Motion City Soundtrack-Commit This To Memory

9. Bob Dylan-Blood on the Tracks

10. Lyle Lovett-The Road to Ensenada

Many on this list were chosen out of sentimental reasons, and I suppose I should do a movie/tv show list and book list, but whatever.  And I am sure once I post this, I’ll kick myself for leaving something off.


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