Monster Meal

I got a lot of emails last week after my post that featured a short comic about my daughter Sophie and I, and a lot of people asking for more comics about her.  I’m glad people enjoyed it and I’ll post stuff like that from time to time.  Like right now.

I like to ask Sophie questions about…anything that I can think of.  A few months ago I asked her what monsters eat.  Without skipping a beat, she responded with “pirates, cats and farmers.”  It was the most unexpected answer I could have thought of, and she answered it with an air of obviousness.  Like “daddy, they eat pirates, DUH.”

This little exchange stuck in my head and I thought it’d be fun to draw that.  So finally last week I did.



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2 responses to “Monster Meal

  1. Anna

    YESSSS!!!! This is perfect.

  2. Jon

    That is too cute! Maybe you need to start a book of Sophie’s responses like Zander did with Jin.

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