This Father’s Day

I think of my comic book as a sitcom.  Sitcomic?  I was influenced early on in my childhood by tv and my comics tend to follow a predictable sitcom-ish plot.  Knowing this, I try hard to avoid sitcom cliches, like the “I hate you but everyone knows we’re going to fall in love” storyline.  Another common cliche is when the writing and story lines become stale they’d do the “hey let’s add a baby/new kid” idea.  I can assure you that Ruby and Rocketman will never fall in love, nor will Uptown Girl ever have a baby.

But the problem is that kids are funny.  Having a baby, like any experience can open up new story ideas and funny conversations.  My daughter, Sophie is three and a half and she says hilarious things every day.  Sometimes it’s what she calls things, like ‘My Little Pony” is referred to as “Hairy Ponies”.  Or when I knew I had to join a gym when she pointed to my stomach and said my tummy was big and I had too much food in there.

When Sophie was born, it obviously had a huge impact on my life.  My comic is also a way I can write about the things around me, sometimes as catharsis or a way for me to gain perspective on something.  When my wife was pregnant, I was bursting to write about it and decided to have Jack and Diane, two of Uptown Girl’s friends have a baby.  It gave me a chance to have some character development as well as write some of the touching and hilarious moments that happen when a baby is coming.

And so, in the comic, baby Rose was born.

It’s been very tempting to include Rose in the comic more, especially when Sophie does something very funny and I start to think about doing a comic with Rose in the role of Sophie.  But once I would do a story, I would want to do more, especially when Sophie does something funny again.  And before I know it, the comic would become another sitcom with a new baby in it.

So I promised myself I’d avoid that altogether.  But in honor of father’s day today, I thought I’d draw a quick comic about Sophie and myself that happened when I was teaching her to the alphabet.



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  1. Anna

    I love this! Please do more!

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