Scenes From An Italian Restaurant

Last week I wrote about having to go back and touch up the artwork I’ve done over the last year or so in an effort to make ‘Perfect World’ look a little better.  I think I’m done with fixing the panels and the pages that bothered me or didn’t look good so I can finally move on.
The biggest chore in these revisions was redrawing an entire 5 page story that Brian Bastian wrote.  It was a story titled “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant’ which was done for some anthology a few months back.  Brian wrote the script and like usual, gave me a lot of freedom for the artwork.  The script was just the dialogue and having the story take place in a restaurant.

So I did the story and I thought it was fine but I remember when I was working on it how boring it was to draw.  Five pages of the same characters at the same restaurant.  It was a chore to make the pages look different enough in order to make the story more interesting to draw and to read.

As I was going through the artwork for the book, I decided I needed to redraw the entire story.  It looked rushed, it looked like I was bored.  The script was good and the artwork wasn’t doing the story justice.  But I didn’t want to redraw 5 pages of restaurant again.  I looked at the script and decided I could have most of the story in a completely different setting and still stay true to the spirit of the story and keep the dialogue the same.

So I spent the last week redrawing it.  I like it better.

Here’s the original:

And the new and improved version:

And there you have it.  I used some panels from the original story for the new story but I think it worked okay.  I’m pretty happy with how this turned out.  The story is more interesting to look at and I was happy to keep the dialogue and the spirit of the story intact.

Okay, now onto finishing up other stuff.



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2 responses to “Scenes From An Italian Restaurant

  1. The last version is the best, in my opinion. Having the other characters reacting to Rocketman over the phone really punched up the annoying quality his “over-enthusiasm” has on other people. Great job! I’ll be sending an e-mail soon with my review of “Big City Secrets”.

  2. thanks Jon! I look forward to hearing your review of BCS.

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