Fables of the Reconstruction

The next Uptown Girl graphic novel is titled ‘Perfect World’ which I have been working on for a while now, almost two years.  When I was working on ‘Big City Secrets’ I would take breaks and whip out these short stories just for a change of pace.  Some stories were done for anthologies but many were done just to take a breather from ‘BCS’.

But now that ‘PW’ is the main focus, I am going back and looking at these stories for the first time since I finished them.  And I realize that I hate most of them.  Well, hate is too strong of a term, but I’m looking at a lot of the art and realizing that I need to redraw panels or whole pages or in some cases complete stories.  So ‘PW’ is under some reconstruction.  It’s a little frustrating but I need to make sure that I am always doing my best work.

I’ve spent most of the last two weeks going back and redrawing stuff.  It’s a little boring but it needs to be done.  The biggest thing I need to do is redraw boring panels, or lazy panels.  Panels where the background was just inked black, or the characters aren’t doing anything fun visually.  The most boring panels I do are the characters walking down the street and in the background will be bushes or a fence.  BORING.  It’s a big world, a big city.  Surely I can draw something more exciting than shrubbery.

This panel is a good example.  It’s on the last page of a short story titled “Instant Karma”.  Here we have Uptown Girl and Ruby sitting in a cafe.  And that’s it.  The funny thing is I remember drawing this and knowing I was just clocking it in.  The scene is just a table and nothing else.  When I usually draw a scene in a cafe, I’ll put the barista or customers or anything else in the background.  Not this time.

Gah…When going back through these stories these were the panels I redrew.  Below is the new version.  I hope it’s better.

I should be done with the reconstruction this week when I wrap up redrawing a story I did a few months ago.  And then back to wrapping the book up.



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