I am the Walrus

So, if you’ve seen the cover to the upcoming graphic novel “Big City Secrets”, you’ll see Uptown Girl and her two friends, plus a super hero and a robot.  If you’re new to ‘Uptown Girl’, you might not know who the hero and robot are.  The super hero is a vigilante by the name of The Walrus.  Today’s post will be about the history of the Walrus, next week will be about the background of the robot, Mr. Roboto.

If you haven’t all 6 of the ‘Uptown Girl’ trades, this is your spoiler warning.  🙂

The Walrus, and his civilian alter ego, Edward Eggman, first appeared in issue 18 of the monthly comic book series.

The cover of this issue was a homage to Detective Comics #27, the first appearance of Batman:

I always liked this cover, but when I created the Walrus, Batman wasn’t the inspiration, Daredevil was.  I never got around to telling his origin story, but when Edward was a child, he was a fat, buck-toothed nerd and his classmates taunted him by calling him ‘walrus’.  This was a nod to Frank Miller and John Romita Jr’s retelling of Daredevil’s origin.

As a young boy, Matt Murdock was teased and called ‘daredevil’ as a way of taunting him into fighting.  Matt grew up, and adopted the name for his alter ego.   Edward did the same thing.

Edward grew up, and dove himself into his work as a scientist.

The first time we see the Walrus, he springs into action stopping a robbery by Tweeter and the Monkeyman.

Uptown Girl is determined to find out the identity of this masked crimefighter, and thanks to her tenacious reporting skills and incredibly flimsy plot, she unmasks him later in the issue.

Believing vigilantism is wrong, Uptown Girl intends to reveal his identity in her article but the Walrus saves her life during an attempted mugging so as an expression of gratitude, she decides to keep quiet.

The Walrus didn’t appear until almost 3 years later in issue 45.  I intentionally kept him out of the comic for so long because I didn’t want him to be a major character.  How boring would it be if he just showed up all the time saving the day?

The Walrus is investigating a series of crimes that happen to coincide with a big story Uptown Girl is working on.  It’s fun writing these two characters as they are very different but also very similar.  The root of their disagreement comes down to Uptown Girl believing no one should take the law into their own hand, but the Walrus points out to her that she does that very thing all the time through her adventures.  Uptown Girl doesn’t really see it that way, making her a little hypocritical.

In this issue Uptown Girl looks past her opinions and teams up with the Walrus to take down the bad guys.  Here he is beating the daylights out of Tweeter and the Monkeyman (those guys again?), Triggerhappy Jack and One Eye Fiona.

The Walrus didn’t appear until near the very end of the series, in issue 72.  I really didn’t intend for him to be back, but it just…happened that way.  Issues 72 and 73 was a two part story that featured the epic conclusion of Mr. Roboto, which I will get into next week.  Prior to issues 72 and 73, Brian Bastian had finished the script for “Big City Secrets” which was going to feature the Walrus versus Mr. Roboto, something Uptown Girl’s fans had been asking for.

Since “Big City Secrets” was going to finally show the fight between the Walrus and Mr. Roboto I didn’t want to put him in these two issues.  But that’s just how the story progressed.  I had written myself into a corner where Uptown Girl needed to stop Mr. Roboto once and for all and the only logical person to step in was the Walrus.

Rocketman’s dream finally comes true as he gets to team up with the Walrus as his sidekick.

The issue ends with an exciting battle between the Walrus, Mr. Roboto and Uptown Girl and her friends.  I’ll post more about this battle in next week’s post as it has more to do with Mr. Roboto than the Walrus.


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