My Silent Fear

Finally, after almost two years to the day, ‘Big City Secrets” will arrive at the printer tomorrow.  It’s been a long process, and I’ll blog about the printing process in a week or so once the book is printed.

I’m spending the weekend going over the entire book looking for typos or art that needs to be touched up.  I know I’ll find a big mistake as soon as the book is printed.

Anyway, I finished up a short story a few weeks back for an upcoming comic anthology.  The topic that the contributors needed to follow was “fear”.  I am sure the publisher was expecting a lot of horror stories, or autobiographic stuff, but I did a funny story.  At least I hope it’s funny.  I am certain it won’t get included in the book but I had fun doing it.

Truth is, I love doing stories that have a theme to follow.  I submitted two other stories recently, one with a theme, the other one without one.  The themed anthology was about jobs in the food service industry or something, and I came up with an idea right away, a short comic called “Trapped In The Drive Thru’.  But the other didn’t have a theme to follow and it took a week to think of something.  Eventually I had to ask my friends for an idea and Brian Bastian came up with ‘bowling’.  I banged out a bowling story within a few days.  That story is called “Instant Karma”.

Themed stories are a lot of fun to do.  I like having some sort of guideline to follow.  When they turn out, they are usually some of my favorite ideas.  I also like it when a story has to be a certain length.

The “fear” story is called “My Silent Fear” and since I doubt very much it will be accepted into the anthology, I am posting it here.

Anyway, that’s the story.  For you long time readers, yes, that is Frances the Mute getting his lights punched out.


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