Cover to Cover

A while ago, I put up early designs for the cover of ‘Big City Secrets’.  The cover is now done, hooray!  I drew the cover, but my friend Ben Mudek did the coloring and lettering and all the Photoshop stuff.  I took pictures of the creation of the cover and I thought I’d show them.

Uptown Girl was the first thing I drew.  Since she’s the title character, I had to make sure I got her right so I wanted to get her done before anything else.  I didn’t want to have to restart if she turned out weird.  Believe it or not, even though I’ve drawn her for almost ten years, I still make a lot of mistakes drawing her.

Then came the Walrus.

I wasn’t 100% sure I was going to put Ruby and Rocketman on the cover, I thought I’d just focus on Uptown Girl, the Walrus and Mr. Roboto, but I decided the cover needed them.  So, Ruby was next.

And then Rocketman.

And finally Mr. Roboto looming over everyone.

I roughed in the logo knowing Ben would use the real logo on it, but I wanted to make sure there was enough room.  I also added some buildings, hitting home the ‘big city’ idea.

And then it was done!

I sent it off to Ben so he could work his magic.  He sent back his first attempt.

This was done before the characters were done, and before the highlighting/shadowing and stuff was done.  I really liked how this was coming together.  A few days later, he sent on this revised version.

And here’s the final cover!

Pretty cool, huh?  It’s amazing what Ben was able to do with my simple drawing.

Ben also chronicled the steps he took in creating this amazing cover:

Incredible stuff.  I can’t wait till this is out and people can actually read it.

Ben also did an awesome job on the back cover, which is a homage to the great Will Eisner. I discovered ‘The Spirit‘ about ten years ago and I was really struck by this page:

So I thought it’d be fun to do my own version of it.  Here’s my final inked version:

And the final:


‘Big City Secrets’ will be released in May.



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3 responses to “Cover to Cover

  1. Wow! I love these process posts!

  2. Amy

    Looks fabulous. Fun to see the progression.

  3. That looks awesome! Loved the inclusion of both your process and Ben’s. The Eisner homage looked really cool.

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