Odds and Ends

Yesterday I did a comic workshop at Reading Frenzy Bookshop.  It was a lot of fun, it’s a great bookstore.  Great staff, clean, well lit, great selection and it’s connected to a Dunn Bros Coffee Shop.  What else do you need?

I started the workshop demonstrating things like panel layout, word balloon placement, body language and character creation.

After about an hour, the kids got started on making their own comics.

I love doing stuff like this.  These kids were very creative which made it even more fun.  Over the course of the workshop, they created stories with talking frogs, dinosaurs, robots and fish.

A couple months ago, I did the cover artwork for Aaron M. Wilson’s new book “The Many Lives of Inez Wick”. I just got my copy and it’s modeled here by my daughter Sophie.

If you’d like one, you can order one here.

Also, I contributed a short ‘Uptown Girl’ story to the anthology ‘Cifiscape’. The book came out in the fall and it’s also modeled by Sophie.

Anyway, there’s going to be a book release party on April 14th.  More details to follow.



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  1. Dan Johnson

    Howdy Bob,

    Thanks so much for letting me pick your brain yesterday about cartooning and publishing. Your insight was very helpful and I really appreciate it. I hadn’t heard of using computers to touch up the drawing and I wasn’t sure how self publishing would work with cartooning.

    I’m having fun reading ‘In Between Days’. (I knew a girl with the last name Ng. Don’t see it very often!)

    Thanks so much, again, for your teaching.

    Take care and wish you the best of luck with your career!


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