Fame Monster

One thing I’ve always been bad about is promoting the projects I’m working on, which is part of the reason I started this blog.  A normal cartoonist will create something, then promote it, then start their next project.  I should do that, but I don’t.  I’d rather move onto my next thing.

Anyway, when I ended the monthly series and moved onto original graphic novels, I was determined to promote the new books and attract a larger audience.  I didn’t really have a plan for this, but I put off thinking about it for as long as I could.  But now that ‘Big City Secrets’ is just a few weeks away of being published, I had better start promoting it and getting it out there.

So I have two upcoming…things in the next couple weeks.

First up is I’ll be a guest on ‘The Geek Report’, a podcast featuring independent cartoonists.  ‘The Geek Report’ is a very cool show and I’m thrilled to be on it.  There’s been lots of great guests and I’m flattered to be on it.

I’m recording the show this Saturday and it should be up for streaming and downloading soon after that.

On March 12th I’ll be signing books and doing a comic workshop at Reading Frenzy in Zimmerman, MN.  ‘Big City Secrets’ will not be available, but I’ll have copies of the ‘Uptown Girl’ trades as well as copies of Britt Aamodt’s book ‘Superheroes, Strip Artists and Talking Animals’ .  The event starts at 1pm.

So, that’s what is happening in March.  I have a few things lined up for May as well, but I’ll talk about them as we get closer to that.

I also haven’t decided when ‘Big City Secrets’ will be released.  I am considering a book release party in April or simply just having the book debut at SpringCon in May.  Any thoughts?





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3 responses to “Fame Monster

  1. I won’t be able to sit in on “The Peanut Gallery” for the recording of your show. I’ll be at MarsCon that weekend. I REALLY wanted to be there, and they had asked me if I could fill in as an alternate host for that week, but I was already booked. Hope you have a great show, and I’ll be listening to the show as soon as it’s up!

  2. Logan Giannini

    As with any anticipated release, the sooner the better. And by the way, I haven’t forgotten about further ‘Uptown Girl’ cinematic projects, but my creative palette has recently become somewhat more crowded. Still working, though. I will be in touch as soon as I have, well, anything concrete to tell you. Ta.

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