Cover Girl

Free Comic Book Day is May 7th this year and I will be doing a signing at Jimmy Jams Comics and Games that day.  I’ll be there with Brian Bastian along with a few other comics people.  Brian and I have done signings there in the past and each year we put out a new ‘Uptown Girl’ comic as well as a new ‘Tommy Chicago’ comic.  The Great Danno will be illustrating the ‘Tommy Chicago’ comic as he has the past few years.

It’ll be a fun day and once the guest list is finalized I’ll pass that on.

For the past week I’ve been trying to think of a comic to do for the signing.  I had a few ideas but nothing was really grabbing me.  But today I was at a bookstore and was looking at the magazines.  I like looking at magazines and I am amazed at how many different fonts the average magazine cover has.  I thought it’d be fun to do a comic book cover like that.  I started to think about what kind of story I could do that would make a magazine cover parody work.  I came up with an angle and bounced a few ideas off my wife Amy and came up with a story.

After the story was figured out, I couldn’t wait to do the cover.

Like most covers, it started with a simple drawing.

I cleaned up the drawing, added the logo and got ready to color it.

I usually add a lot of texture and crosshatching to my drawings, even if they will be colored.  But this time I wanted Uptown Girl to look like a photograph on a glossy magazine.  I’m not too hot with Photoshop but I had fun coloring it.  I’m sure someone else could do a much better job.

After the background was colored, I got to work on the titles of the articles that are usually crammed onto the covers.  Amy was helpful in coming up with these.

Finally, the cover was finished.



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3 responses to “Cover Girl

  1. The great Brian Bastian better get me a damn script soon.

  2. Mark L.

    I can’t wait! Danno, you’re invited as well, just didn’t have a way to contact you and my brain doesn’t work all that quickly.

  3. “Great meaning large or immense! We use it in the pejorative sense!”

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