Supernatural Superserious

I wrapped up the monthly ‘Uptown Girl’ series about a year and half ago, and in the majority of the time since I’ve been working on the next ‘Uptown Girl’ book, a fast paced comic adventure called ‘Big City Secrets’.  But once in a while, I’d take a break from the book and bang out a short comic, anywhere from 1 to 40 pages for an anthology or an art show or something.  These shorter comics have been (hopefully) humorous and I had a lot of fun doing them.

So basically for the last almost two years I’ve been writing or drawing adventure, action or comedic stories starring Uptown Girl and her friends.

Action, supernatural, adventure and humor have played a big part in Uptown Girl’s comics for the past seven or so years, but stories with…heart, or serious, thoughtful stories have popped up from time to time as well.  When I write or draw a more contemplative tale it gives me a chance to sort things out in my head.  It’s been a very cathartic experience and I’ve been lucky to have characters that are pretty well rounded that I can put into a story about werewolves or a story about getting older.

The story I am working on now is a shorter story, it will probably end up being around 20 pages or so.  It’s called “Girl’s Room” and it’s sort of about growing apart from things that were once very important to us.

As I’ve been working on it, it’s reminded me a lot about another comic I did a few years ago that I refer to as ‘that R.E.M. comic’.  It was a comic that was done for a comics art show in 2007 (I think).  It’s one of my favorite comics I’ve done, mostly because the style I used to draw the issue is sort of a homage to comic legend Kevin Cannon.  Kevin’s work has influenced my own stuff for years, and when you see ‘Big City Secrets’ you’ll really see how much or an impact he’s had on me.

Anyway, I thought it’d be fun to post ‘that R.E.M. comic’.  This comic is also available in the fifth ‘Uptown Girl’ book “Inbetween Days”.

A couple things, Ruby’s comment in panel 2 on page 2 was written when George W. Bush was in office destroying diplomacy.  And despite what you might think from the story, I am a huge R.E.M. fan and I am looking forward to their next CD in March.

Hope you like the story!

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