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A couple weeks ago, I was commissioned to design a book cover for an upcoming release by author Aaron M. Wilson.   The book was a collection of short stories titled “The Many Lives of Inez Wick.”  Aaron threw a couple ideas at me and I sketched out a few designs but I just couldn’t get a feel for it.  Then one night I threw a quick thumbnail down and I thought I was onto something.  Here’s what I came up with:

That weird scribble on the left side of the page is supposed to be a bike, as several of the stories involved a bike mechanic.

I liked what I came up with so I got to work on a rough draft.

I drew this quickly with marker.  I was really happy with where I was going.  I left out the bike because I wanted to focus more on Inez.  Plus bikes are very hard to draw.  I showed it to Aaron and got to work.

The first thing I did was lay out the page and do the title.

After that, I worked on the picture of Inez.  I inked Inez with a brush.

The rough draft and the penciled final design had her right hand resting on her arm.  I ultimately decided to omit the hand to bring more attention to her tattooed arm.

I was pretty happy with how things were turning out so I finished up the drawing of Inez.  The tattoos were done with a size 5 Micron pen and were fun to draw and I was pleased I got it right.

The rest of the cover was going to be crosshatched, so I got to work on that.

Then I was finally finished!

I scanned it into Photoshop and converted it into bitmap, then back to grayscale for the final black and white version.

I cleaned up a few parts and then converted it again so I could color it.

Soon I was finished!  I really like how it turned out.

More about the upcoming release can be found here:





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7 responses to “Cover Me

  1. Amy Lipski

    Love it!!!

  2. Aaron’s work stands on it’s own, but getting this kind of treatment for the cover raised the bar. Love, love the artwork.

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