(Just Like) Starting Over

I started a new story a week or so ago.  It’s inspired more or less by the recent election and by the current Supreme Court hearings on the possibility of banning violent video games.  The idea of “_________ runs for public office” was something I’ve tried to avoid for years but I kinda stumbled into a story idea and thought it fit well with the spirit of ‘Uptown Girl’ so I ran with it.

For the past 7 years I’ve been drawing ‘Uptown Girl’ on 9 x 12 Strathmore Bristol Board (smooth finish).  I’ve dabbled in a few other sizes and paper finishes but I’ve stuck with this size because I’ve been so used to it.  The dimensions of the art are 6 1/2 inches wide and 10 1/2 inches long.  Basically, the size of a proper comic book.

But recently I thought about drawing a little smaller.  I kicked it around for a few weeks and then at a recent art show I saw the original art for Kevin Cannon’s short story ‘A Brief History of the Fram, and the Men Who Loved Her’.

You can read it here:


Anyway, the original art was super tiny, and it looked really fun to draw at a smaller size.  I decided to start playing around with a smaller size and couldn’t wait to get started.

Problem is, I was four pages into my election story and didn’t want to continue the story in a different size than the size I started.  After thinking it over, I decided to start the story over in a new, smaller size.  I cut the Bristol Board into 5 1/2 inches wide by 8 inches long.

This is the first page, done in the original size:

And then this is the second version, in the smaller size before I reletter it and touch it up in Photoshop:

Normally I hate starting over but this gave me a chance to recast the protester Rocketman is talking to from a guy who looks like he probably plays video games to a guy who looks like he probably doesn’t.  It was kinda weird to redraw the story using the original pages as a guide.  It was kind of like using thumbnail sketches to do a final version of a story, but using bigger art than smaller art.

I’m glad I made the switch.  I am hoping I can be a little more productive in the smaller size since it usually takes me a couple hours to finish a page, but with this size I’ve been finishing a page in about an hour or so.

Here’s a side by side comparison of the first and second attempts at the same page.



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3 responses to “(Just Like) Starting Over

  1. I agree, the re-work does relay the message better! I need to be doing more of that type of thing (reworking pages and layouts) myself.

  2. Not having a monthly schedule really gives me the luxury of going back and correcting pages that I don’t like. It’s so strange to spend so much time ion a page or on a story, but it’s worth it. I hope Uptown Girl’s fans feel it’s worth waiting for, as well. I mean, the first graphic novel has taken almost two years!

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