Halloween Parade

Since it’s Halloween, I thought it’d be fun to look back on the Halloween stories I did during the original run of Uptown Girl’s mini-comic.

The first Halloween issue was issue 7 which featured the infamous Werewolves of London.

The Werewolves were a lot of fun to write but difficult to draw.  I actually based their look off of the wolves on ‘Sesame Street’.

I didn’t do a Halloween issue for 2 years, and when I did, it didn’t feature a scary villain or a spooky story, instead it had Frances the Mute, a weird mime that Rocketman befriended.  It also had a side story of Ruby trying to paint a a pumpkin to win a contest.

The following year I did one of my favorite issues where Uptown Girl and her friends explore a haunted house.  This issue was a lot of fun to draw and I got a chance to draw a pretty spooky ghost.

The next year I did a story about a Halloween party at the newspaper Uptown Girl worked for.  It’s always a challenge to think of costumes for the gang each year.  Sulky Girl chose the scariest thing she could think of for her costume.

The last Halloween issue I did was issue #66.  I knew this was going to be the last Halloween story (at least for a while) so I wanted to do something really fun.  I threw a lot of cliches into this story including an abandoned amusement park and a corrupt businessman.  The issue’s villain was the evil Halloweenhead.

One of the things I miss about doing a monthly comic is doing themed issues like Halloween and Christmas stories.  I recently thought up a new ghost story about a haunted theater that I hope to get around to doing in a few…years, I suppose.

Happy Halloween!


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