24 Hour Party

Like Christmas, a very special day rolls around once a year. And that day is 24 Hour Comic Day.  24 Hour Comic Day is a one day event where cartoonists create a 24 page comic in 24 hours.  It’s an event/challenge created by cartoonist Scott McCloud.  Yesterday was that day.  Each year, members of the Cartoonist Conspiracy get together to draw their comics so I headed down there to hang out and draw.

I did a 24 Hour Comic a few years ago when I was single and childless, and had the energy to plow through the thing, but I don’t have what it takes anymore.  I decided I’d head down and draw for a couple hours and see some friends I don’t see nearly enough.  Friends like Danno, here.

Danno organized this year’s event.  And here are Earl Luckes and Daniel Olson.  Lurking in the background is David Steinlicht.

After hanging out for a bit it was time to get started.  I grabbed a seat at “the cool table” with Danno, Earl and Daniel.  Here’s my set up:

Got my pens, paper, camera, iPod, I’m all set!

I’m working on a story right now, but I wanted to take a break from it so I asked Brian Bastian if he had any ideas for a couple pages.  Brian ended up writing a one page Uptown Girl story and a one page Tommy Chicago story.  The “rules” for 24 Hour Comic Day state that you should begin your comic without a script and just see what you can come up with.   I figured I wasn’t really participating in the official event anyway so I decided to break another rules.  In your face, Scott McCloud.

I decided to do the Tommy Chicago script first.  Here’s what the script looks like.  Whenever I get a script from Brian, I break down the dialogue down into panel breakdowns based on pacing, timing and action.  The brackets indicate panels.

The script also called for a new character, a police officer in the spirt of Chief O’Hara from ‘Batman’.  I hashed out a quick sketch before I got to work on the script.

I did a layout with the dialogue and I go to work on the inking.  Sometimes when I ink I will go through the entire page and ink one specific character.  In this comic, I started with the police officer and then moved onto Jimmy.

Then it was time to add in the “hero” of the story, Tommy Chicago himself, who only appears in the last panel.

At this point I realized that I was behind schedule.  I decided to leave the comic as is and go back and add some detail and texture when I got home.  I really wanted to at least start the Uptown Girl script.  But here’s what the Tommy Chicago page looks like:

Just like I did with the Tommy Chicago script, I did a layout with rough pencils and started to ink.

It was almost time to leave, so this is what it looked like before I headed out:

I was disappointed I wasn’t able to finish the Uptown Girl script (see?  I really am slowing down) in the 90 minutes I was there, and I am not too thrilled about the Tommy Chicago comic, I think I am just going to redo it from scratch.  But I had a lot of fun.

Later that night I finished the whole page and here it is:

The reason for the black backgrounds is that I was breaking in my new Pentel Brush Pen.

I’ve been meaning to buy one for a few years.  Luckily, Wet Paint was there to sell supplies and give out free stuff.  Thanks guys!  I love the pen, and you can get one at http://wetpaintart.com/

You can read more about the event and see some pictures of some very tired cartoonists at their website:



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  1. Glad you got to participate, one of these years I WILL break down and take time out of my busy schedule to take part in this wondrous event. The pages look really cool, you’ll have to show me those at FallCon in a couple weeks. I had some mandatory security training as well as a tournament in Mankato going on this weekend.

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