Sunday Morning Coming Down

Happy Sunday all….

Instead of getting around to scanning hundreds of pages of art for the graphic novel, I decided to poke around my hard drive to see what was on there….

A year ago I participated in an art show titled “Big Funny” which featured comic strips by local cartoonists.  The strips were collected in a big newspaper and it’s probably the coolest thing I’ve ever been a part of.  I drew about a dozen strips, picked the three I liked best and submitted those.

The entire paper was originally going to be printed in color but in the end, only a few pages were.  I came across the color version of my submission recently:

This was a lot of fun to do, and I was a little disappointed the whole paper wasn’t in color because the last comic really benefits from the color.

I also stumbled upon this:

These are trading cards that were given away during FallCon a few years ago.  All guests were given five blank cards, we drew on them and sent them back.  They were given away to convention attendees.



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4 responses to “Sunday Morning Coming Down

  1. Had you forgotten to send those back in when they sent you the blanks? I remember drawing those cards too. I wish they would do that promo again, that was fun!

  2. P. S. Great color on the Big Funny strips!

  3. I never would have guessed that Kate The Great was a blonde. She always struck me as one of those mousey light brown haired types with a really nasty attitude.

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