I Don’t Like Mondays

The Daily Crosshatch (http://thedailycrosshatch.com/) is a terrific website that reports on independent comic news and features a lot of great interviews with independent cartoonists.  They also have a really cool ‘Guest Strips’ section that features comic strips from independent comic people.  Independent!  Okay, that’s four ‘independents’.

Anyhow, Brian Bastian and I did an ‘Uptown Girl’ comic strip and it’s on their website.  Go look at it.  It’s delightful.

I thought it’d be fun to show the process that Brian and I followed to create this stunning masterpiece.

1) It started with wanting to do a strip for The Daily Crosshatch.  We exchanged a few emails and came up with a funny movie theater idea that Brian is expanding to a longer story.  Eventually Brian emailed me saying he had a pretty clear idea as to what he wanted to do.

2) Then he emailed me the script, and here’s what he wrote:

Panel 1

Uptown Girl approaches Rocketman at his desk at wall mortgage

UG: There you are Rocketman, I was…

RM: Let me tell you Uptown Girl, this has been the worst Monday ever!

Panel 2

RM: I overslept and was late today. I didn’t have time to make a lunch, and I forgot my
wallet at home so I can’t buy one, and my bus pass is out of money.

Panel 3

RM: My so called co-workers are either late or sick and I can’t get a hold of any of
any of my clients, and I have more and more deadlines looming, waiting to strike me down.

Panel 4

RM: But you know what? Through it all, I will persevere. This battle with adversity will be     won!

UG: You know today is Sunday, right? You’re not supposed to be at work.

Panel 5

Rocketman just stares at Uptown Girl.

Panel 6

Rocketman’s head is on the desk, he’s done

UG: What about your battle with adversity?

RM: I can’t fight adversity until I conquer my own stupidity

3) My stupid printer is out of ink so I wasn’t able to print the script so I could draw it.  I grabbed some scratch paper and quickly storyboarded the strip and wrote out the dialogue while sitting in front of my computer.  Here’s what it looked like like:

4) The script called for Rocketman to be at work but when I started to pencil it I thought it’d make more sense for it take place at a cafe.  A quick text message to Brian asking if I could change the setting and I started to ink it.

5) Here’s the black and white version, before I colored it.

6) Then I probably went to bed.

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