MIXed Up

I used to do a lot of comic conventions.  I used to go to Iowa, Chicago, San Francisco and stuff for conventions.  Now I stick closer to home when it comes to shows because it allows me to follow my number one rule: Never Leave Minnesota.  Anyway, the conventions (Springcon and Fallcon) around here are very well run and are a really good mix between the indie crowd and the superhero fans, but this Saturday will be the first independent cartoonists convention in Minnesota.  Ever.  For reals.

It’s called MIX and it stands for Minneapolis Indie Xpo and is taking place at the Soapbox Factory in Northeast Minneapolis.  It’s going to be really fun, a few of my favorite cartoonists are going to be like Aaron Reiner, John Porcellino and Jeremy Tinder.  A lot of the cartoonists from the Cartoonists Conspiracy are going to be there as well.  I’ll be sitting with Brian Bastian who will be selling the first trade paperback of “Tommy Chicago” which was illustrated by Danno. 

More information can be found here:  http://mplsindiexpo.com/news/



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4 responses to “MIXed Up

  1. I thought your number 1 rule was “Winners don’t use drugs!”?

  2. That’s the number three rule of Fight Club.

  3. Looks like I have a table next to you. I’ll bring candy.

  4. excellent! this is going to be fun!

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