Everyday I Write the Book

In April 2009 I started the very first ‘Uptown Girl’ original graphic novel.  After 6 years and 75 monthly issues I turned my attention to creating stand alone graphic novels.  Brian Bastian wrote this one and scripted it out for 140 pages.

After I got started on it, I let it run wild.  Action scenes doubled in page counts, stuff was added in, rewritten and mixed around.  It nearly killed me.  Not only because of the work, but because Brian wanted to strangle me every time I wanted to add a scene or when something came up that we thought should be rewritten.

So, after almost 16 months, the book is almost complete.  The book mutated in size from 140 pages to over 260.  I am drawing the final page of it tomorrow and I am looking forward to wrapping it up…and getting started on the next one.

The book will be called “Uptown Girl-Big City Secrets”.

What you see below is the original sketch for what will be the final page.



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2 responses to “Everyday I Write the Book

  1. Nice Elvis Costello reference! 🙂

  2. thanks man! i wrapped up the book today….now begins the fun process of scanning and lettering 264 pages…ugh. i need an intern.

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