Blinded by Rainbows

Lutefisk Sushi, the semi-annual art show that features Minnesota cartoonists is happening this weekend.   More info here:

The show opens tomorrow and it’s going to be a lot of fun.  As a guy who never leaves the house I am looking forward to it.   And man!  Look at that box and all of the colors.

Danno Klonowski ( is this year’s featured cartoonist.  I’ve known Danno for years and what started off as a weird….rivalry has turned into a good friendship.  Danno took over the art chores for Brian Bastian’s awesome comic ‘Tommy Chicago’ after I no longer had time to maintain two comics.  Danno is awesome.

He even wrote an ‘Uptown Girl’ comic a few years ago about Mr. Roboto taking over the world.


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